More than a delivery service, BRING EAT! is a lifestyle

BRING EAT! will revolutionize the food delivery service. The goal is ambitious and to achieve it, Mário Matias CEO of BRING EAT! does not leave a single detail to chance. The mission of BRING EAT! is based on three fundamental principles: to provide all customers with a fast and efficient delivery service, at a fair price and putting at their disposal a wide range of restaurants.

To offer the customer a fast and efficient delivery service, we invested in technological innovation to optimize all stages of the process. To place an order the customer may contact the call center, access our website or use our mobile application on the smartphone or tablet. In a convenient way, in just three steps, consult the menus, choose your meal and select the payment method. Then all communications between BRING EAT!, the restaurant and the courier, are based on our IT platform, and mobile applications in order to improve the processing of the order. BRING EAT! believes that efficient and rapid communication without too many intermediaries, will shorten the delivery time. Getting the food quickly, while maintain its integrity, as if he had just left the restaurant kitchen, is our goal.

So you can choose from a wide range of restaurants, we have at our service, restaurants with their own delivery services and also restaurants where delivery is ensured by our courier team. At BRING EAT!, with a single registration, you can access to menus and promotions, of restaurants in your area, which you can order from.

At BRING EAT! we believe that the customer should pay for the meal they receive at home, the same they would pay in the restaurant. In restaurants where delivery is ensured by our courier team, you will pay extra only a small delivery fee, and in the other restaurants, you will pay at BRING EAT! the same as if you order directly to the restaurant.

All our employees undergo intensive training and our partners sign a protocol in which they assume the same commitment to quality. Everything is thought to detail to get to you, our customer, your meal wherever you are.